I've been pretty exhausted this week so I haven't been able to fully and eloquently express my views about this entire situation. But, hey, it is a Friday night and I don't have to answer to much in the morning and I had a nap so let's see how this goes.

I don't get people that are against riots.

Okay, well, I get it but it's like...

Riots (in history) have proven to again and again be the fire (figuratively and sometimes literally) that starts a massive change in society. And this is usually for the better.

Like I get it that people think when people riot, they're just burning down a community and it's the peak of violence and anarchy and all that shit.

But, like, the people who usually riot (for a cause) are an oppressed group who never really had a sense of community in the first place.

So like while on the outside it looks crazy...on the inside it makes sense. While a very small fraction of people in riots are very violent and outlandish, a lot of people within it are making a desperate cry of 'THE SHIT WE'RE FACING IS FUCKED UP! WE'VE TRIED TO SING SONGS AND QUIETLY GET YOUR ATTENTION BUT YOU IGNORED US! WE CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND WE'RE SICK OF ASKING FOR YOUR ATTENTION, NOW WE'RE TAKING IT!'

We wouldn't have Pride festivals if it wasn't for riots. (Stonewall ring a bell?)

Hell, America would not be America if it wasn't for a bunch of people getting sick and tired of a higher force abusing the system.

I'm just saying.

Violence isn't the answer.

But it surely gets the point across.

And I'm pretty sure that a life matters a shit ton more than some busted insured windows.

Yet, I feel, people forget this or only justify it when it's convenient.

What we're right now is definitely going down in the history books. It's the Civil Rights Movement 2.0 (it never really ended, but you get the drift)

And when this is taught to your children and your grandchildren, what will you remember?

Like, let's pretend it's 1968 and MLK is still alive.

If it was 1968 all over again, where would you be?

Probably in the same spot you're in right now.

Cause not much has changed at all.

Another thing, no tea no shade to anybody, but if you have an opinion about a sensitive topic that involves an oppressed group (especially one that you do not belong to)...gain a back bone.

No shade, but stick to your opinion. No one is 'attacking' you. Stick to your guns and listen. Cause these things are hot and heavy and lives matter more than hurt feelings.

Will that get me banned?


I'm gonna be honest and I'm just so tired of having people throw subs at me or my friends calling us 'attackers' when we're really just trying to prove that the lives of PoC matter.

Like why is that so radical and offensive to people?

I could go on and on, but at the end of the day, I'm tired of holding my breath when I walk pass a police officer in public.

Like, I am terrified.

And it's a horrible way to live. To constantly live on the edge of worry. To constantly hope that you're not the one or gonna see the one.

I make sure my phone always has enough battery in case I have to record something. I get tense when I see PoC interact with officers.

And that's sick.

But, I guess it's just gotta be like this.

Hopefully our next generation won't have to deal with this.

May 2nd, 2015 at 05:34am