Introducing Myself

Hello! I'm Beth, I'm 22, and I've been on mibba since 2007. I came here from INO, the MCR fansite also run by Dujo. There was a writing section there for people to post their fanfics, and loads of users were moving over here to post their fics, so I decided to join as well. So I've seen mibba change a lot since I've been here - I remember when we had journals instead of blogs, I remember the when we had tags on the story page, and I remember when the reporting system for the stories was different. (I remember that my first few stories were flagged by the editors - I had loads of spelling errors, and I didn't space out my paragraphs.)

Facts about me:
-I am a massive fan of the Discworld series.

-I love the band Queen.

-My first ever story on here was an MCR fanfic.

-I live in England.

-I am agender and gray-asexual.

-I have so many unread books in a pile by my bed.

-My favourite book genres are fantasy and historical fiction.
May 2nd, 2015 at 04:37pm