I'm Back (Back Back Back) + KPOP Requests

[date] May 3rd, 2015
[mood] indie
[listening to] "Alive" by Big Bang

I know. It's been a while since I've been on here. So, sue me.

I am finished at uni until August when I'll be going to finish my last year. Thankfully, I am done with dorm life and will be living off campus in an apartment, however part of me misses the old room. This semester was tough and I just really needed to get away from the internet life entirely to focus up. It paid off.

My birthday was also a few weeks ago and I can legally drink. Happy birthday to me...

Currently, I'm jobless and need something to occupy my time. So, you know the drill. I'm doing Kpop requests to get back in the habit of writing. This will also help me with a short film I hope to complete writing by the time I go back to school (Lord, give me strength).

So, fill out the form and I'll do my part. Apologies in advance if there are some I don't get to like immediately. I also have the ability to decline requests that I feel uncomfortable writing (i.e. - if you're underage and want smut written for you = no go.). Something like that would immediately drive me to get hammered, so please don't put me in that position. Thanks!

[brief physical description]

That is all.
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May 3rd, 2015 at 08:35pm