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Another Mibba Positivity Bingo blog. This time it's a giveaway, where you can get story recs and stuff. Everyone's favorite type of blog. :)

The names of the basket are quotes taken from my favorite movie School of Rock. I just had to.

Stick It To The Man Basket
•3 Story Recs.
•3 Poem Recs.
nearly witches.

Legend Of The Rent Basket
•2 Poem/Story Comments
•3 Story Subs
the dalliance.
Alex Moore.
Brian Haner Jr
The Alpha's Angel

Cat's Pajamas Basket
•Q and A Blog about You
• Blog about one of your stories
Michael Westen

FancyPants Basket
•Photo Comment
•Friend Request
•User Rec
Zuko's Zorua Hina

*no limit per basket*

This has to be 100 words.
May 4th, 2015 at 12:44am