Kota's Giveaway Blog!

Hey, guys! I know I just posted a blog a few minutes ago, but it's that time again!

I'm going to do a giveaway blog!

We'll start with rules.
1) Please be patient with me. I'm moving across the country in two days, so it'll be a bit before I'm able to fulfill some of the requests.
2) You can ask for two.
3) If you'd like something that isn't listed, we can probably work it out, just ask! Remember, though, I cannot do layouts.
4) I know I said to be patient, but if I don't get your gift to you by June 1st, please message me! I'm pretty forgetful, so a kind reminded would be nice.

Let's get started.

Blog Interview- I will do some stalkingresearch on your profile and create an interview, then interview you for a blog!

Recommendations-I will recommend you as a user, and up to five items of your choice! These can be stories, poems, blogs, articles, whatever, just give me links.

Comment- Give me a link to a story, poem, blog, article, photo, whatever, and I'll leave a thoughtful comment of at least 50 words (most likely more if it isn't a photo- photos are hard to leave long comments on without getting creepy).

One-Shot- I'll write you a personalized oneshot! Just tell me what you'd like it to be about, genre, any specifications for the characters, etc.!

Recommendation Blog- A place in a recommendation blog I'll write; leave me a link to which piece you'd like me to recommend, and I'll recommend you as a user in the blog as well!

Take what you'd like, and of course, give me other suggestions please!
May 15th, 2015 at 07:19pm