Recommendation Blog!

Can you get in trouble for posting too many blogs too quickly? I mean, it's all Mibba's fault. I'm doing positivity Bingo, and so many blogs are needed!

This blog is going to be about my favorite story on Mibba currently!

So I have three favorites, and I'll mention the two runners-up before going to the one I'll actually be blogging about.
I absolutely love Misadventures of a Scene Queen by valerie. and Diary of an Unorthadox Pedophile by Official Bee's Knees.

However, at this very moment, the one I'm absolutely addicted to has to be The Connection by Yummy Octopie. This story is amazing! It's set in a place where after you turn seventeen, you meet your soulmate. How do you know the person is your soulmate? You feel work and have a glow in your chest, where your heart is. Literally, it lights up. Which is actually really cool. In this story, Avery is a quiet, artistic boy who is picked on by a jock named Max. Avery has always had feelings for Max, but Max beats him up every day. On Avery's seventeenth birthday, everything changed. Avery and Max look at each other and realize that they are soulmates. Over time, the boys may grow closer, but is it really possible to have a healthy relationship with someone who spent years attacking you? Yummy Octopie does an amazing job of illustrating this strange way of connecting with someone, and developing the complicated relationship between Max and Avery. This story is worth reading, I encourage everyone to check this story out as well as the other two mentioned!
May 15th, 2015 at 07:32pm