Mibba, Why Do I Love Thee?

Hello! I'm here again for Positivity Bingo, this time to blog about why I love Mibba!

I've been here for years, and it's been really interesting watching the site change and improve, as watching the community grow and develop. I've made some great friends on Mibba and also gotten some great friends to join Mibba, meaning on the site I tend to be surrounded by good people. Even the Mibbians I don't know well have always been so nice and welcoming!

I enjoy finding new stories to read, and get so excited when my subscriptions list tells me I have several new chapters to read. I enjoy going through the blog section and seeing updates on the lives of Mibbians, both on and off site, and being able to post my blogs and know I won't be judged for anything I post. I like sharing my stories with members all over the world and being able to receive constructive feedback and compliments so that I can continue to improve my writing. The articles section is another favorite, as I can usually find several new articles on topics I'm already interested in, and several about topics that are new to me but fun to learn about.

If I had to say, though, my favorite part is the community. Everyone on this site is so extremely nice and willing to help a complete and total stranger, and you just can't find that anywhere else. So thank you for making Mibba great, guys!
May 15th, 2015 at 07:49pm