It's Been a While

I actually haven't written a blog since New Years. How insane is that? This entire semester, quite frankly, kicked my ass. Granted, I managed to finish with all A's and B's somehow, but I feel like spring semester is always the worst semester of college. It also doesn't help that I'm taking two summer classes and I've now got an internship that keeps me super busy.

So about my life. I've got a public relations internship with a soccer team in my city. They're honestly amazing players and even though I just started, I actually think I might love the internship, despite how much I complain about writing press releases- which are really intimidating to write- and despite my moaning about how much time it takes up. Under all my complaints I actually love being busy, and it's in sports, which is EXACTLY the public relations I want to do.

Part of the reason my posting has been so sporadic is because I come on mibba and forget to post stuff. I've been crazy between watching hockey playoffs- go Blackhawks- and doing a summer session for school. Also, I've been so weird about writing anything out of the hockey universe as of late which is super annoying. Thankfully Teen Wolf comes back on in June and I can probably continue the Isaac story I had going.

I feel so out of the loop, honestly because I am. I miss everyone on here and I'm going through all my sub lists trying to catch up on everyone's stories. So if you have anything new you feel like throwing at me, go ahead. I love my mibba friends and their stories.

Anyways, this was almost a PSA of letting everyone know I actually do exist- shocker, I know. I've been gone for a million years. But maybe I'll be more active. No promises since all next week I'm working soccer tryouts, but hey... cute boys. I like it.

May 15th, 2015 at 11:34pm