Why I Love Mibba

This is part of mibba's positivity bingo, and I am here to spread the love! So here is a quick list of things I love about mibba.

- The forums. I love being able to browse through debates, forum games, writing discussions, etc.

- The staff, who are all amazing.

- The events, like the positivity bingo and the readathons. They're a great way to help stay active on the site, and are a lot of fun.

- The magazine, which is freaking awesome.

- That there's a section for every kind of writing - stories, poems, reviews, whatever.

- The fact that the site's constantly evolving. Seriously, the fact that the forums are being reorganised makes me very excited, and I love how users can suggest new ideas that are then implemented.
May 19th, 2015 at 09:47pm