Fanfic or K-Pop Drabble Game? (Comments Appreciated!)

[date] May 19th, 2015
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[listening to] "Us Against the World" by Play (WOO! 90-00s music!)

Ok, so I felt like I've done a better job fulfilling my requests this time around. Only one more (I haven't forgot about you Richy.) and then I will close them. I'm sorry if it does not get published to the weekend b/c I am starting a new job this week and will be training.

As for this new job, I'm really nervous. I have worked in food service before, however not a job where myself and others were at different levels (i.e. - working with a mixture of ages, not just college aged). Thankfully, I won't be working at the counter where I have to converse with people, however filling the orders can be just as nerve-wracking. Wish me luck in not dropping food or messing up orders.

For my next writing venture after these requests, I'm debating between doing a full-length fanfic or a drabble game. Either will be K-pop related. I've just been watching a lot of The Lover and Non-Summit episodes and have been falling hopelessly in love with Terada Takuya. Like how could you just ignore this cute ball of sexual frustration?


If I write the fanfic, I see the plot having the following elements:

1.The Lover's plot of the two male roommates
2.Adding a third, female character
3.Complicated threesome plot
4.Girl is an sex-expert of some kind

Any thoughts? Yes, no?

If I were to stick to the drabble game, of course, it would be K-pop related and lots of smut.

I really need help trying to make a decision as I think both are good. It's been a while since I wrote an actual fanfic, but a drabble game would be new to me. Comments are appreciated to debate this matter.


That is all.


x taehop
May 20th, 2015 at 03:37am