Happy Birthday Suho!

Happy Birthday To Our Lovely Leader Suho! Suho will be 24 today and he's still the bees knees. Leading Exo to all it's greatness. Being a mother, father, brother, etc. To all the members. Suho is a amazing leader, and his leadership will withstand the test of time. But besides being a great leader, he's so much more underneath.

Born Kim Junmyeon on May 22, 1991 in beautiful Seoul, South Korea. Suho was a adorable kid, and he was full of potential, even at the baby stage. As Suho begin to grow, his brain and personality also begin to expand. At sixteen, he became the first member of EXO to become a trainee at SM, and was discovered through the company's street casting system in 2006. Suho begin to claw his way onto the platform which is SM. Even though he didn't know it then, he made it. In 2007, Suho was cast as an extra in the Super Junior film, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, and in 2008, he made a brief appearance in TVXQ's music video, "HaHaHa Song" with fellow Exo bandmates Kai and Chanyeol.

On February 15, 2012, Suho was introduced as the tenth member of EXO. Not wanting to waste his precious brain he decided to do something with it. Pursuing a degree in acting, he currently attends Korea National University of Arts and is ranked in the top 50 of 400 students at the school. When it comes to being smart, Suho is your guy. He's intelligent, in more ways then one. He knows how to handle things, buisness related, and personal affairs.

He enjoys listening to funk rock and has expressed his admiration for Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk, and TVXQ's leader, U-Know Yunho. In February 2014, Suho became an MC of popular music show Inkigayo,alongside fellow bandmember Baekhyun and also ZE:A's Kwanghee. They were later joined by actress Kim Yoo-jung. Both Suho and Baekhyun left the show on November 16, 2014 to focus on EXO's comeback in 2015. Which in my opinion, may have been for the best. I don't like the fact that they tend to overwork themselves a lot. But I do hope that when they get some time off, that they'll be able to do more stuff.

Suho was cast as the lead in the Christmas movie Saving Santa, dubbing the voice of the main character Bernard, along with Apink's Jung Eun-ji and Shin Dong-yup. In January 2015, he starred in the S.M. Entertainment musical 'School OZ', playing the character of Hans with f(x)'s Luna, SHINee's Key, EXO-M's Xiumin, TVXQ's Changmin and Red Velvet's Seulgi. Suho is the next member that will be making his movie debut through the independent film titled “Glory Day", starring Ji-soo and Shinhwa's Kim Dong-wan. The filming will starting in mid-May.

Suho has one of the sweetest hearts that you will ever find. He guides you with gentle hands, and he shows you the way. That's not as dramatic as I make it sound. It's really true. He's like a mother, always caring. He knows how to drive his fellow band members, but he also knows not to push them too hard. When I first saw him, I thought he was going to be one of those annoying authority figures, you know, the ones that always try to control everyone. But after watching him for a while I realized, that he wasn't like that at all. Sure he has his protective moments, but he's not controlling. He's actually really laid back.

He's the leader of Exo K. But now since all this stuff with Exo M is going on, I think he's just the leader over all of Exo now. Since the numbers are getting thinner, and it seems more like a hassle to try and make someone else be a leader. I think that Suho is the perfect guy for the job. He's level headed, and he knows all the right answers. He's brave, caring, loving, and a complete gift from God. He's beautiful and he has a wonderful personality. He's the full package. And I know that one day, he'll make some amazing babies.

Suho oppa, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Please try to rest. Don't stress yourself out over things that you can't change. Make sure to sleep, and get plenty of rest when you can. I wish you all the luck with your future acting positions. I know that you will be wonderful. I have all the faith in you. Thank you for being a great leader, and for being a stand up guy. Thank you for having patience, and for caring, because you didn't have to. You didn't have to become everyone's friend. You didn't have to be as amazing as you're. You could have just been a jackass. But you aren't. Suho, I love you to pieces. And I'm so happy to call you leader. Please keep leading us to great things, I know you will. Happy birthday, Kim Junmyeon. Loving you and Exo, worldwide. Xoxo.
May 22nd, 2015 at 03:29am