An Explaination of What Is Going on With The Last Fight

I know my absence has been awkward and rude, but here's the dealy-o.

This summer, I'm jumping head-first back into working on The Last Fight. I'm currently re-writing the first chapter and doing major editing on subsequent chapters before I post new material (which I've already started working on!). My goal is to get several chapters ahead of myself so I can have some semblence of an update schedule (preferably once a week). Thus far, I've decided on updating on Saturdays. Since this will be my first summer in about 3 years that I don't have summer classes (woo!) I think this is achievable.


I would like your help. Reader input is important to me, and I think it'll be nice to keep the story moving. Part of why I haven't updated in so long is I hit mega writers block and moved on from the fandom. But with the help of readers such as yourself, you, reading this, I hope I can avoid this. I am totally open to taking suggestions for scenes, events, etc., and if I choose to incoperate them, you will of course be credited and I may do nice things for you like draw something :)

If you are still around and willing to read the story, then I thank you so, so much because you are fantastic. I look forward to posting new material and begin bringing this enormous freaking project to a close!

Thanks and love,

May 30th, 2015 at 10:25pm