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So for the positivity bingo, there's a space for a blog about my favourite story. Now, I'm pretty bad at going out and finding new stories these days. However, I have read some pretty amazing stories. So, here is a small list of my favourites.

One Shots

Driving Lessons by triviality.
A really funny story of two friends learning how to drive.

Stars in the Sky and Snow on the Leaves by Writer in the Rye.
A drabble about a person contemplating death.

The Dog Days by What...
This was featured on the magazine a while back, and holy shit it's amazing! (And I've just found out it has a sequel, which I shall be reading tomorrow.)

Galaxies by james wesley.
Non-binary character! Cute couple! Brilliant dialogue! Go read now!

A Conversation About Death on New Year's Eve by triviality.
Basically the title says it all.

Creation: The Lore of Space and Time by wolfkiss.
A really cool fantasy on how the universe came into exsistence.

A Case of You by jenny holzer.
About two people caught up in a bad relationship.


The Taste of Bells by folie a deux.
This one is heart-breaking and amazing.

What a Bargain! by Audrey T.
A Supernatual fanfic about Castiel trying to find the best deals. Another funny one.

Ash by Isadora Pierce
This one is amazing! It's told through poetry.
June 1st, 2015 at 03:21am