Original Works

Hey Mibbz Peepz.
I've been kinda thinking about my future a lot, and I decided I will not be continuing my Shadow Series on here. I'm sorry, but it's given me the inspiration to turn it into something bigger, something I could publish if I work at it. All the work for it that is currently up, Ie: Shadow and Dreamscape - Will remain, however I will not be adding to these pieces any further. I also decided that in doing this, I would add that extra element to the plot I'd been looking for, The missing piece that I couldn't quite figure out - Space. Yes, That's right, You heard me. So without further ado, I give you my first basic book cover for the new series. This is the first books cover, but from now on it will be going by the 'Hypernova Series'.

Apologies if it looks grainy asf. It looks fine on my computer, so I'll have to tweak it some more, but at any rate - What do you think? I can't really reveal details about it, considering it's an original I want to publish, but basically a love/hate story that transcends time/space and death.

I also, Finally, Finished my proper book cover for 'Sorry, We're Dead' - Another original of mine, which is currently on the back burner while I start up Hypernova.


Anyway, Your opinions are loved as always. Also, as a side note - I've already written a small little bit for each book, with a dedication for Mibba. It was the only place my writing could breathe, and now I want the world to know about it if I ever get published.
June 1st, 2015 at 07:04pm