K-Pop Rants.

Warning, this blog contains strong language and a lot of angry writing. You've been warned.

Have you ever thought about how stupid a lot of these k-pop fights are? They're some of the most dumbest fights I've ever heard of. People fight about which group is the best[ why can't we just enjoy them all?] They fight about which bias is the best[ Why can't you just love them all?] And the list goes on and on and motherfucking on.

1. My bias is the best: I don't have bias's. I just don't like the concept. I understand if you have one that you love the most, and he means the world to you. But I just don't like picking a bias because it feels like you're picking favorites. Nothing's wrong with picking a bias, but it just dosen't set right with me. These fights are complaining and whining about how '' my bias is better then yours!'' Why do they have to be better? They're in the same fucking group. Why can't they just be great all together? You whine about how your bias is the best and that he's greater then the other members, but you must remember that if it wasn't for the other guys, where would he be? Look at it like that. You try to make it seem like your bias, who is also thousands of girls bias, is better then someone else's bias. Now that's kind of fucked up. But on the real note, you can have your bias, but just remember that they're humans, and just because you say that you love this dude, dosen't mean you should treat the other members like shit. They don't deserve that.

2. This kpop group is better: Something that gets under my skin the most, is people who try to argue you down that one boy band is better then the other. I understand that you have opinions, everyone has them. If you come up to me and say that you like BTS more then Exo, then I understand. I love Exo. I love BTS. Both great groups. But I hate when people come up to me and try to put down the group that I like. Okay, say that I'm talking to someone, and they say that they love Big Bang. I love Big Bang, so we would have that in common. But when you start saying stuff like'' I don't like Exo.'' Um okay, fine. That's your opinion. Moving on. '' Exo sucks, they're so untalented. I hate their music, they're all ugly, and they'll never amount to anything.'' Hold on bitch, now we have a problem. I let your opinon slide, because it's your thoughts, and it's what you feel. But just because I let it slide, dosn't mean you can come up to me and disrespect me to my fucking face. That's a low blow, and that can get you blocked on the internet. And can get you hurt in real life. I hate violence, but you can't just offend me like that. I ain't sorry, bitch.

I'm not just saying this because of Exo, I'm saying this for any group. Even some that I might not enjoy, or haven't heard yet. I won't disrespect you like that, even if I don't like the boy band\girl band. It's a matter of pure respect.

3. I've been a fan of kpop for years, that makes me a bigger fan: Okay, hold up. Just because you've been a fan of something longer, that dosen't mean you're a bigger fan. It dosen't mean you're dedicated. It just means that you liked it before I did. A girl said to me once '' I've been a fan of Exo since the Mama period. So that makes me a bigger fan then you.'' Now that pisses me off. I know I've just gotten into kpop recently. But I'll tell you, I'm one dedicated bitch. Everyday when I wake up, the first thing I do is check on Exo. They're the first thing I do when I wake up, and the last thing I do before I go to sleep at night. I have to check on them at least 10 times a day. My laptop history tells me that. I can't even eat breakfast without checking on Exo, or anything Kpop related. I even go as far as looking up each member individually[ Past and present] It has took over my life. And I wouldn't change it. So don't you ever say just because you've been staring at Exo since Mama, that you're a bigger fan then I am. Because you can't judge a fan based on how long you've been one. You base a fan on Loyalty. And love.

4. I've seen BTS live. That means I'm a bigger fan then you: This one is kind of like the last one. It's quite dumb as well. I live in Mississippi. What happens in Mississippi? Not even good bands come down here. And you really think that I have the money to go to LA or Florida to see a kpop band? Now I would love to, and trust me I tried to get my sister and I tickets to see BTS. But the drive might be ten hours long, and neither of us have a car, or a drivers license. So goodbye dream. I love the fact that you get to go. I'm glad that you get to experience that. But I'm sorry that I can't. So please stop trying to make me feel like shit because you get to go. I don't have the money, or the transportation to take my sister and I to see BTS, or anyone for that matter. And I'm sorry if that makes me ''less'' of a fan in your eyes.

I'm really happy if you did read all that. I apperciate it. This is probably just part 1. If I can think of anything else, I'll make a part two. If you have any comments about things that piss you off, please write it in the comments. I'll try to make this a weekly thing. Not just about stuff that makes me upset, maybe just a blog about kpop news. Idk right now. But thanks again. I apperciate everyone who reads and comments on this. With love, XOXO. 愛你!
June 3rd, 2015 at 06:10am