Hey Y'All

I like to think of myself as country, culture-wise anyway. But I'm from southern Arkansas; it's almost unavoidable.

Honestly, at time I'm probably more a redneck. It's the people I hang out with, during the summer at least. Everyone I know drives a truck (my little sister included), they all work on farms or at places that do farm things, they wear cowboy boots, and they drink. God, do they drink. Mostly beer, too (ew.) We like to sit in parking lots and just hang out. We also like to go into the woods (or a similar place in the middle of nowhere) and drink and party.

I've got cousins through marriage from California and last summer they visited their great-grandma (my grandpa's wife) the same weekend me and my sister were visiting our grandpa and the oldest girl literally said these exact words to me: "You talk funny." She was referring to my accent and I just thought it was hilarious because I didn't think my drawl was that bad. But I guess it is. Secretly I was happy to hear that someone thought I had a noticeable accent because let's face it southern accents are sexy as hell.
June 4th, 2015 at 05:38am