I know. I've been awful and gone and my updating has been absolutely inconsistent and atrocious. I would like to sincerely apologize to my readers. As some of you may or may not know, I'm getting my masters right now in early childhood education. I go to a very tough private school here in Ohio and I've been in the program for a year so things are heating up as I finish this last year for my teaching license and masters. It's getting insane. An example: this first summer session was a month long (finally ends next week, woo!) and I had class Mondays and Wednesdays until 8 and Tuesdays and Thursdays until 10. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I am on campus for 9 hours. I also work mornings Monday through Friday so you get the picture - I've been busy.

Not to mention homework, projects, readings, and field hours.

So I've been strapped for any time to myself (also Stanley Cup Playoffs time but my dear dear Rangers got knocked out so go Chicago!) and for sleep (maybe 4-5 hours a night of tossing and turning restless REM-cycle-less sleep). It's been rough is basically what I'm getting at. But, thankfully my second summer session should be a little easier because I only have one class though I do still have field work to complete. But it should be easier to handle.

Before this summer session started, I began some new projects and deleted some old ones. I am terribly sorry for fans of stories I've deleted but there was no sense in keeping something up when I had no intentions of working on it again. And I know there has been a serious lack in my Teen Wolf story updates but I blame that on the show not being around for inspiration so thankfully it's starting up again soon and I can work on those. Mainly, I've started some originals (which probably will not get posted in an attempt to publish them when I finish) and some hockey stories.

Okay so I want to kind of give you guys an overview of my plans for the future with some of my stories because I know I have a lot of them and I have a lot going on in life so my updates, unfortunately, might still be rather sporadic in nature for awhile but I'm going to try to be better for the last bit of summer before fall cranks up and my fall semester will be even worse than this first summer session was. BUT. In my teeny tiny little break between, I plan to take frequent writing breaks to maintain my sanity.

Here's what's going down.

Stories That Have Not Been Posted (but will be soon):

1. Anchors: This is a hockey story featuring Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars. Two main girls so it's really a dual story. Takes place in Dallas, two very different kinds of girls and relationships and a nice smattering of other OC babely boys. But Jamie and Ty are the central men. I have about five chapters written I believe so I may start uploading this one as soon as this weekend! Get excited. Maybe it's me. I've had a lot of coffee and I worked out this morning.

2. Partly Cloudy: A Tyler Seguin story about an OC and her adorable daughter and some drama. Also takes place in Dallas (neither of these stories are AU - they are exactly who they are) and the OC is a nurse with a cute little daughter and a supportive family but Rilla's (the little girl) dad isn't in the picture. I have a few chapters written (3, maybe?) so I may be waiting to post this one for a little bit unless I get demands for it. Which, by all means, comment and let me know what you are excited for most or what not.

3. A Vampire Series: This is a little complex so bear with me. This story IS an AU where hockey players ARE present but they are not the main focus in my two installments. HOWEVER, I am writing these in relation to stories someone else has been working on where hockey players are VERY present (Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Tyler Seguin). I won't name any names because I'm not sure she's ready to put it out there yet but just know this - an epic vampire saga is coming soon with at LEAST four installments and is written by two authors. There will be overlap in areas and we have already started working on these so it's going to be awesome. Delivery date is TBD.

Stories That Have Begun (and will hopefully be updated soon):

1. Patrick Kane series: It all began with Remember Me. I am now almost halfway through the second installment, Never Forgotten. Now, just because I'm so excited and I just can't hide it I can now release the information: THIS IS A TRILOGY. There will be a third part. Everything is mostly planned out but it's been a struggle to keep up with everything and the last chapter I posted, is the last one I had written. So an update should hopefully be coming soon. I definitely plan to work on this in the near future.

2. Reversis: Teen Wolf story (Stiles) and I am in love with the plot I have thought up for this. The notes I have for it have been kept safe and I definitely plan on returning to it. It'll be even easier once the show comes back on for me to stay inspired. This is one show I really wish would come back to Netflix, man. I need to rewatch it regularly like I do so many other shows haha.
(Story Page is apparently under construction right now - I will work on that shortly)

2. Broken Lungs: I AM DEFINITELY KEEPING THIS ONE. Teen Wolf: Isaac Lahey. Man. Do I miss that wolf. I also love the plot I have for this and a lot is planned out with some pretty rad ideas (if I do say so myself). Hopefully, I deliver some fairies like you've never seen them before. But, again, it's been hard without my inspiration so I'm really hoping when things chill out I can work more on this.

3. True Nature: My last Teen Wolf series also featuring Stiles Stilinski. I had a lot planned for this, too, and I have every intention of keeping it up and working on it but, I have to admit, my other Stiles story MIGHT take precedence. Again, this entirely depends on reactions to things so we will just go with the flow on these as of right now.
(Story Page is apparently under construction right now - I will work on that shortly)

4. An Act of Passion: A Vampire Diaries story featuring the one and only Stefan Salvatore. Now. I refuse to watch this show anymore. I haven't watched in 2 years. I don't like it anymore. However, I love Stefan. So, that leaves me rather torn on this one because I've written a lot for it and I had some fairly big plans but I've been debating its deletion for awhile now. So, as of right now, this one is on hiatus until further notice or until I get feedback asking for it to be continued.
(Story Page is apparently under construction right now - I will work on that shortly)

5. Unscripted: The only original I have posted as of right now! Which is insane because I feel like I prefer working on originals and I have 3 (possibly 4) in the mix and on my hard drive as we speak. I love this story and the idea behind it and, again, I have SO MUCH PLANNED. Like everything from character backgrounds to future plot points and it stars Henry Cavill as an OC so, I mean, come on. Hahaha. So this one is somewhat on hiatus. I'm trying to get my spark back for it. Maybe I should watch The Immortals when I get a chance ... anywho, on hiatus like Stefan unless I get death threats or something. Which is unlikely since I think it's my least popular story. Or, it was, back when I updated more.

Those are the only plans I have so far. I used to have many more. They have been deleted. Again, I am super sorry to fans of those but I knew they weren't going anywhere and they were just sitting there, taking up space, and taunting me with my failed ideas so I got rid of them. I've been working on original stuff, like I mentioned before, that I plan to publish some day. These ideas include a mafia story pitting the Irish and the Italians against one another with the backdrop of NYC, a CIA thriller about an agent that a reclusive gal finds shot and bloodied on the side of the road and the story of how he got there and how to repair some (possibly irrevocable) damage, a mythical kingdom a girl escapes to in her mind (or is it real?) that is at war where a prophecy about her has been held dear by one side and there are dragons and stuff, and a romance about a girl in a terrible sort-of relationship whose friends are too nosey for their own good and do something slightly dramatic to get her out of his clutch.

So. A lot going on up in the noggin outside of school. Not to mention I've been doing the vamp thing and some hockey things lately when I've had time. I also got back into playing The Sims. I bought 4, but I must admit, I don't like it. I get bored easily. It's not that fun but I do like certain aspects of it. I prefer 3, so that is my go-to. If you're a Sim-er as well, you can message me and we can chat about it. Or a hockey fan. But I swear if you are rooting for Tampa or like praise Ovechkin we might have issues. I throw down over hockey hahaha.

Anyways I wanted to play catch up. I have been such a ghost I haven't even been replying to comments and for that I apologize. I've been the worst but I'm hoping to get better about some stuff and things. Drop me a comment or whatever you like and I promise to respond to them ASAP!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Erin
June 4th, 2015 at 04:51pm