You know the deal.

I'm assuming not that many people know since not that many people are talking about, but last night this video surfaced and got passed around social media of what looks like a girl who is around high school age (some people are saying she's 14 but I'm not entirely sure, but she definitely is young and underaged) being...well..I think manhandled is an understatement, but it can be up there nonetheless by a male police officer.

She's wearing nothing but a bikini so she obviously poses little to no threat alone to the officer who looks 3 times her age and weight. Like she's a stick compared to him and he could've easily just lifted her up and held her or something. Either way, in the video he's dragging her across grass and a bit of pavement and he's knocking her head down to ultimately have her on her stomach on the ground as he's kneeing her.


Prior to the police there was a pool party happening and the girl got into a physical altercation with a woman. Someone says it's a mom. I don't know whose momma it was, but that happened.

And the thing that really tops the cake for me as that while all of this is happening, people are crowding the girl trying to help her out and these two black boys run up and try to aid her and the cop, in a swift heartbeat, pulls out his gun and starts to chase the boys before two cops roll up and they kinda smush him on the sides so he stops, and they chase the boys that were basically running for their lives.(Cause who pulls a gun and chases someone without the intent to shoot?)

Um, I just pray for that girl and the two boys because that's not something easy to mentally get over.

That cop is on the infamous term of "administrative leave" until that police department investigates like they say they always so when situations like that occur.

I'm not gonna throw my opinion into this, mainly because I've already stated them a hundred times, no one listens to me, and I'm tired of trying to word them in a nice way so then I would just get plain nasty and I don't need that.

So it is what it is.

Link to video is here
June 8th, 2015 at 06:04pm