Facebook Depresses Me

Every time I go on Facebook I leave feeling sad or nauseous or stressed out. The people on my friends list are so immature. They're people I used to go to school with, childhood friends, etc. I have a couple of hundred friends but it seems that only a few ever post. And what they do post is just a constant stream of idiotic, weird shit.

For example, my best friend for much of my childhood posted something so dumb earlier. It was a screenshot of a tweet that I guess had been made by a black guy, with a picture of two white girls with thong bikinis and big butts standing on the beach. The tweet that went with the picture said something like "idk what white girls are putting in their starbucks, but they better not stop" or some shit. My friend said to this, "Dude, I wish. Most white girls look like angler fish."

This is a fucking angler fish:


I mean, I get it if you think other ethnicities are more attractive than white people, but I seriously don't think any human being on planet earth has ever looked quite that fucked up.

Oh yeah, did I mention this girl is white?

And it's not like she's some anti-racist SJW either. She frequently says "n*gga" and stuff like that. I mean, she's not blatantly racist, just...ignorantly racist.

This is the kind of shit that is posted on my fb 24/7.

I've deactivated and re-activated so many times I'm not even going to bother doing it again, but it's just extremely...sad.
June 14th, 2015 at 04:50am