I Will Be Leaving Mibba


Not that anyone really cares because

a) I don't talk to anyone on here anymore except Jade bb. All the other friends I've made are on Facebook or other social media where I can contact them.

b) My stories don't get read anymore. I'm nothing popular.

Now, I'm not throwing a pity party. I've just lost interest in this site. I have no motivation to go out and try to find new friends on here; it used to be much easier. Also, I hardly write anymore, which is the saddest part.


I miss writing, but I just don't have the time. I am focusing on my future, getting a career I love, dealing with shit at home, improving my skills in field of study, and setting myself up for success. Because that is my ultimate goal in life:


So what time do I have to write? Really, none.

The things I have to thank this site for are improving my writing skills in the creative aspect and helping me some of the best friends I've ever had. I won't be deleting my account once I leave because my heart and soul from high school is on this account. It'd be like killing a horcrux, people.

Now, to you who DO read my things, don't worry. I will be finishing Getaway, Velocity, and I Wanna Be Somebody because the first two are my most popular and part of Niknik's and I's wonderful crossover universe. The second is a co-write and I'm not leaving Bre hanging because that's just cruel.

So it may be a couple years until I leave. With the speed I update.


Later, loves.
June 16th, 2015 at 04:26pm