Have You Ever Wished Someone Only the Very Best? // Hey, Mark

I don't know, man. Like, I genuinely don't know to what these incredible bundle of feelings amount to. I just know that I desperately wish Mark is happy.

No, no, you don't understand. Well, maybe you do, if you're a Markipliter, but if you're not, just hear me out:

Everyone has that celebrity, that someone who they admire and fawn over because they're, in our perspective, so goddamn perfect - when I was fourteen, it used to be Gerard Way. Then, later on, it moved to Patrick Stump, and then Oliver Sykes. I tend to lean on musicians, mainly because I am an amateur musician myself and I truly need songs to help me out along the way when hard times arrive.

Then, a while ago, my cousin told me that there was this new indie game that would scare the hell out of me, which was Five Nights At Freddy's. The thing is, we first played, and then he showed me this really funny guy who had hilarious overreactions. And I just kind of went into his channel and laughed my fucking ass off.

And I got hooked on Markiplier's channel. I started to get all the inside jokes and shit and I checked his channel every day for new videos. Then the whole 'hey, remember that thing about being trans? You can't ignore it, buddy!' happened and I sank down a bit too much.

I would've relied on music. I really would've. I had new albums, new artist, optimistic people and amazing lyrics to get by, but on a really bad night, I instead decided to watch that new video Markiplier had uploaded. And I laughed so hard I forgot I was even crying in the first place. I kid you not.

So I leaned onto him. Went to old videos and watched the animations people made him. Realized that - hey, the Markiplier fandom is amazingly nice to each other - and, above all, how Mark is.

I mean, I know we don't really know him. We don't, we just know what he shows upon the screen. But he's such an open book sometimes and it gets to me. He gets so into the games he plays, makes a point of giving his honest opinion at the end of each, and he enjoys them.

And he is so goddamn dedicated. He got into the fucking hospital after collapsing while visiting family, and he made a few seconds of a video to give us a fucking update. He uploaded a video every day to let us know what was going on. And, by the end of the day, we weren't asking for videos. We were asking for him to be okay.

I was genuinely worried. His personality, how he displays himself through his channel, is extremely personal. He loves us. I can see it, he does, and goddamn it, he deserves every single good thing that goes his way. He deserves the whole fucking world.

He's a good guy.

No, no, think about it. Just think of someone you really like because they're nice. Someone who does things because it's the right thing and they genuinely want to help, not for themselves or any other interest. Think of someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, and even when they've given you all, they're still turning their pockets upside down one more time just in case there's something left.

And when they're left with nothing, they're still happy. When they're exhausted, about to collapse, they're crying of happiness. They're grateful for every little thing you've done for them, for everything they've received from this world. They're humble, and altruistic, and nice and kind and good.

That's Markiplier. That's Mark Fischbach.

I hope you give him a shot, even if Let's Plays aren't your thing. He does vlogs, too, and has a huge amount of livestreams for charity. He talks a lot to us, his fans, and we do everything we can to give him something back everyday.

I'll leave you with a video.

Just please - give him a shot. Because he inspires me to be a better person every single day of my life.

June 28th, 2015 at 10:33pm