Fic Recommendations #2

I didn’t get much of a response from the last Rec Blog I made, but I figured it brightened each of the authors mentioned’s days (does that even make sense?) and I had fun while writing it, so I figured I’d give it another go. As with last time, these are all All Time Low related (I’m sorry, it’s honestly all I read!) but most, if not all, mentioned can be read as original fiction! No matter what you’re on this site to read, these stories will more than likely fit your interests!

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Full Stories:

Tear in My Heart by RomanticHeartbreaker
Jack Barakat’s a good kid. Alex Gaskarth… not so much. When the first word Alex ever says to Jack becomes imprinted on the inside of the Barakat boy’s wrist, an old legend becomes reality for the two. Not all soulmates are meant for each other… or are they? I think my odd, incessant, borderline-obsessive nagging is the main reason as to why this isn’t a one-shot anymore, honestly. There’s just something about Alex thinking he’s all big and bad and then turning around to become a sap against his will that I completely adore. I’ve become a lot more invested in this story than I ever expected to, and I strongly suggest it to everyone looking for a good fic!

Dancing with a Wolf by JagkBarafag
When homeschooled Jack is finally (against his mother’s will) enrolled into a public high school for his senior year, he isn’t sure what to expect. Enter Alex, the rude, cocky football player and his equally as rude and cocky teammates. Will a cruel prank, one meant to break Jack completely, backfire on Alex, or will the new boy learn about true heart break? Truth be told, my little summary there doesn’t do this story much justice. Part of me can’t stand this (being the Jalex trash I am, who needs happy, cute Jalex at all hours of the day), but a bigger part of me is constantly checking to see if more has been posted or not. A girl can dream for happy, cute Jalex, can’t she? If you’ve got the time, give it a read and, if you enjoy it, bug ask her to post more already!

Remembering Dreams by Astronaut9
In a world where everyone is born with the name of their soulmate tattooed on their wrist, you’d think it’d be easy to find the person meant for you. Alex Gaskarth wants nothing more than to find his soulmate—a girl by the name of Amelia, as his tattoo claims—but, instead, he finds a boy named Jack. Haunting his dreams, consuming his every thought, and, soon, making an appearance in the (not so) broad daylight, Jack teaches Alex more about soulmates than he ever expected to know. Not all soulmates are meant to find each other, but some still do. Another soulmate story (maybe I should’ve made that the theme for this rec blog, huh?) that I’m always looking forward to more of. It’s cute (thus far), it’s different, and God damn it, it makes me upset that I still can’t come up with an original soulmate AU. Remembering Dreams definitely deserves a lot more attention than it’s been getting, and if you’ve got the time, at least give it a little look-see! You might find your new favorite fic in the process!

Terrible Things by meganlovesjalex18
Alex Gaskarth is an average boy. Sure, he can’t truly remember the last time he lived in a stable home with a stable family, and sure, he may be pregnant, but still. Completely normal, teenage boy. The only downfall that he sees, really, is the fact that the father of his child is states away. With Alex in a new, very full home without something he truly knows by his side, it all seems to fall apart for him. But maybe Baltimore isn’t as bad as he thought it’d be. This is, clearly, an mpreg, which I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of, but if you know me at all, you know I love it. I’ve been a fan of Megan’s work for a long time now, too, so maybe I’m also a little biased on this, but I’m glad she’s back to posting! This isn’t updated very often, admittedly, and there hasn’t been much Jalex yet (understandable but also very horrible), but it’s a great read. I’m always very excited to see that it’s been updated, and as soon as I’ve finished reading it, I’m ready for more.


Just an Experiment by ohio-isnot-onfire
What’s a guy to do when he knows he’s bound to fail his science class and has to cheat his way out? Offer his best friend sexual favors in return for the right answers, that’s what! Sadly, Alex takes Jack’s promise a little too seriously. Not so sadly, Jack is more than willing to play along. After all, the best way to find an answer to anything is to experiment, right? I love this one-shot. I wish there was more to it or a second part or just something, but where it ends leaves just enough for a person to imagine whatever they want to happen. Can’t really go wrong with that, can you? It is NC-17, for anyone who isn’t sure if it goes that far or not, and if that doesn’t bother you, go drop her a read and a comment!

Through the Stars in My Eyes by gh0stfully
Alex Gaskarth doesn’t have many friends. Or, not friends that other people would consider friends, but that’s more than okay with him. At least, it was okay until Jack Barakat came along and left a mark no one else could replace. His friends hear about Jack every night. Jack doesn’t know it, but truth be told, Alex doesn’t know that Jack tells his friends about him, too. Though they haven’t spoken to each other in months, they still think about each other. Only the stars will ever know. So if you did read my last blog, the name gh0stfully should ring some bells. I love this girl, love all of her work, and she deserves a lot more attention than she gets. Her ideas are original, they’re cute, they’re frustrating, they’re pretty much any other word you can think up. They’re not particularly long, either, which means you’ll be able to read at least one, even on a limited time schedule! What could be better, right?

No Need to Hide by kickthepj
Alex Gaskarth is your typical guy. He’s got the typical boyfriend, typical house, typical job, typical monthly-cycle. Of course, just like any other typical guy, he’s more than willing to get rid of one of those things. As one accident turns into another, Alex’s stress builds. Just when he’s at his breaking point, Jack is there to help pick up all the pieces—just like any other, typical boyfriend. This one-shot is something I wasn’t sure I even needed in my life until I actually read it. I mean, write Jack being a perfect, understanding, sweet boyfriend and I’m all over that without a second thought, no questions asked (hint, hint), but also adding in that it’s (sort of) relatable just makes it all the better. I love and would definitely recommend all of kickthepj’s things. She writes a lot of (or only) one-shots, not all of which are Jalex, but are just as great as the next. Check a few out and leave her some comments!

Evening Coffee by cinderblock-gardenx
Maintaining a relationship while on tour is difficult. Maintaining a relationship while your boyfriend is on a completely different tour is much more difficult. When John O can finally make a stop by to see Alex, it’s understandable that they spend some much needed quality time between the sheets… or on a sofa used by everyone else on tour. What’s the difference? Oh, look, a story that isn’t Jalex! Honestly, of the few things she’s written, only two are Jalex… and they’re both sad and make me angry… rude as fuck, honestly. Anyhow, back to the topic at hand: this Callakarth, just like her other two, is very smutty but also very sweet. At least, there’s a good deal of sweetness. I’d make an American Candy reference but I’m too tired to think of one right now. Point being, Evening Coffee as well as cinderblock-gardenx’s things are something everyone needs in their life. Except for the sad Jalex’s, but y’know. Whatever. I ain't salty.

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As I said in my last blog, you can always recommend me fics and I’ll definitely check them out! I can’t honestly say I’ll expand my horizons on my own because I’m the trashiest Jalex trash the internet has to offer, but yes I would be happy to read things suggested to me! The ATL fandom doesn’t seem to be posting much as it is, so, y’know… if you do write Jalex/Callakarth/Merrigreuter (and most ships involving either Jack or Alex, honestly), then please start posting! Everything I see in the tags does get read by me! Anyway, hopefully someone found their new favorite author through this blog (or even the first one)! Until next month, dolls!
June 30th, 2015 at 08:31am