Summer Recs

Hi there. I have been super inactive lately with being in summer classes and having an internship, but thankfully I seem to be getting my life together. Besides the fact that my roommate and I are packing up a two story town house alone to move to a much smaller, cuter house. We're pretty pumped to finally be out of this gated community though, let me tell you.

Since I haven't had a recommendation blog up in forever, I thought I would pop on mibba and super quickly do a little rec blog for my favorite things I've used, seen and read this summer. I used to do these all the time and I loved it just cause I liked enjoying seeing other things people recommended too.


Bad Suns- Pretty sure I'm really late hoping on their train but they're an amazing band, especially if you like a summer vibe.

DVICO- Okay, so everything they sing is in Spanish, but they're really good. If you don't speak Spanish you may no know what they're saying, but you can at least appreciate the sound. I actually really like them. I suggest listening to Enamorate first. It's awesome.

Raign- Also absolutely obsessed with this one. Probably still late hoping on this bus too, but I heard Knocking On Heavens Door in The 100 finale and lost my shit because it's so good.


Red Queen- So I already made Alice (sonjavee) read this because I have to admit, it's a good book. There are somethings about it that bother me like the clearly lazy naming of the characters, but outside of that it's pretty good. I was unsure at first because I didn't realize when I bought it that it was a YA novel but, I have to say the writing won me over. Essentially it's about two classes of people separated by color of blood: Red and Silver. I don't want to give too much away, but the main character is a Red girl and she's definitely interesting to follow.

The Song of Achilles- I actually read this a few months ago but never did a blog in which to include it, so here it is. Sometimes I don't know whether this book is poetry or prose because the author writes absolutely beautifully, sometimes hauntingly so. It follows the legend of Achilles through Patroclus's eyes and it's just a really unique and amazing twist on Greek Mythology. And if you can't handle Achilles and Patroclus being in love, don't bother. It's 2015, it shouldn't bother you.

Big Girl Panties- So Erin (thewolf.) told me about this book and it was such a good read. It's a little cheesy in places but it's absolutely amazing. The main character is a woman who is overweight after finding comfort in food after her husband died, and this really hot trainer takes her on because he thinks her heart is admirable and he actually finds out there is more to life than whats on the surface. It not only has an amazing message, but it's a really good motivator to get healthy.


Nyx matte lip creme- It goes on as gloss and dries as a matte lipstick. This is super helpful if you don't have a steady hand because lipstick is a little more fickle to apple with shaky hands but the lip gloss is much easier to do edges with. My personal favorite shades are: London, Cairo, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Nyx setting spray- Cheaper than Urban Decay's setting spray, holds a lot better, and doesn't totally make your face sticky. The only down side to this is that if you have a generally oily complexion, you will need to dust your T-zone later with some matteifying powder.

Urban Decay liquid liner- For a long time I went to the Stila pen because it was a lot easier to not smear than this liquid liner, but as I always do, I go back to the beginning. I love the Stila pen but for some reason, this liner is the only one I can do perfect wings with, especially if I want them thin and sharp. I will warn you though once you let it dry, it's not coming off, because it dries with gel consistency.


Friday's Blueberry Pomegranate Long Island Tea- You only need one if you want a buzz and two if you're feeling brave. They actually cut you off after two so. It's the freshest tasting drink you'll ever have. It was like Spring was blooming in my mouth, honestly.

Jurassic World- This is self explanatory, and I'm sure you've already seen it so I'm not going to tell you what you already know.

The Office- I'm like REALLY late getting on board with this show, but I started watching a few days ago and now I can't stop. It's absolutely hysterical, and I see why it was on for so many reasons. There are just way too many reasons to love this show. So if you need something to watch on Netflix, I highly suggest this. (And Parks and Rec if you've never watched)

That's basically all that I can think of right now. If I can think of anything else, I will definitely add it. Is there anything in particular you guys are absolutely loving right now? If so, do tell. I'm always looking for new things to like.

July 5th, 2015 at 07:21pm