Expectations on Mibba

There is a part of me that is absolutely terrified every time I post a new chapter or story. Not because I’m afraid of getting any constructive criticism or whatever, but the simple idea that I’m not meeting people’s expectations.

The whole saying “You are your own worst critic” rings so incredibly true for me. It’s a great thing no one can see me when I’m working on a story.

The amount of editing I put some of my stories through is quite rigorous in truth. For Better or Worse was read through at least a dozen times before I posted a single chapter.

With my new story A Bullet to the Brain and the sequel to For Better or Worse, they’re not going through that same machine. A Bullet to the Brain is probably even worse off than Till Death Do Us Part, because I’m literally working on it right now as my big project for this month’s Writing Cup.

It takes a lot for me to actually be happy with something that I’ve written, and I can honestly say that out of everything I have posted, only a few things really stand out as being up to par.

So my questions for you today...
1. How hard are you on yourself when it comes to what you write?
2. Do you edit your stories? If so, how under the microscope are they?
3. Are you happy with everything that you’ve posted?
4. Is there something that you’d like to take down but haven’t?
5. When you leave a comment, do you try to be nice or do you try and help the author?
6. Do you have standards when it comes to what you read? If so, what are they?
July 10th, 2015 at 04:56pm