Want a One Shot?

So I'm just doing this really quickly from my phone before I go to bed (IT'S 8 AM WHY AM I GOING TO BED RIGHT NOW???) so I'm sorry if there are any grammatical errors in this post.

Getting straight to the point, I'm thinking about opening one-shot requests so I can start meeting some word count goals since I'm in the writing cup that Mibba's doing right now. So please, send me your requests! I can't say when I's be able to get them out by, but hopefully relatively soon.

As for what I think I'm half-decent at writing, I would say I can do Harry Potter, Twilight, some anime/manga (ask me if I know it when you request), Marvel and DC comics, and a little bit of One Direction. If you're my kpop friend, I'll do my best to take your kpop requests! ::shifty:

Who In The Fandom:
Your Character Info (physical appearance, characteristics, etc.):
Smut or Fluff (please specify if you want GRAPHIC smut or just some sensuality):
Plot You Might Have (if not, I'll make one up):

Feel free to include anything you think I might have missed!

July 17th, 2015 at 05:18pm