New Tattoo!

This is literally just a blog to show off my tattoo that I got today. I got it for my appreciation of foxes and how much I absolutely adore them in every way. I will own a red fox one day if my life depends on it. That's the one thing in life that I need to be able to die happy.



It basically knocked two of my tattoos off of my bucket list in one shot: a fox, and watercolor. I was really iffy about the watercolor because I don't know many artists that can do it well, but she nailed it. I honestly couldn't be happier. I love my artist. She was actually in the top 5 for Ink Masters I think it was 2 years ago? And I went to high school with her; it's a small town, where I come from.

Anyways, that's my new tattoo and now I'm going to make this day longer than it already has been by washing my bedding (AGAIN) because one of my cats peed on it (AGAIN) and listen to Simple Plan while I cry about seeing them for the first time ever on Saturday and how much I'm going to hate my life trying to have fun at Warped Tour with a 3 day old tattoo.
July 23rd, 2015 at 04:25am