Dear Fat People Response

If you haven't seen the Nicole Arbour video and controversy, you can check it out here: Trigger Warning: This video is extremely offensive and horrific and do not watch it if fat shaming and body shaming and just overall awfulness will affect you.

I don't know if I can actually respond to this because I'm fuming with anger, and hurt, and sadness. It's just like, why are people like this.

Actually, the only way I can address this right now is by asking a bunch of questions I just can't fathom the answers to:

1. Why are you so concerned about 'my' well being?
2. Why is it that you have to assert yourself into my life and my choices?
3. Why is it that what I eat is a concern of yours?
4. Why do you feel the need to express everything that goes on in your head?

I actually think of this scene in Easy A where the teacher's like, why do kids of your generation feel the need to put everything up on the internet? I tell you they're not all gems.

And that's how I feel right now. Because let's be real, people have awful thoughts. We live in a world where you're more likely to put someone down, even if just in your head, than you are to bring them up. But you know what, you DON'T have the right to put these thoughts all over the internet. You DON'T have the right to press your thoughts and feelings on others, deciding on what is and isn't healthy, deciding what is and isn't real.

Let me tell you right now: If you have to say that something doesn't exist, and create a huge false argument for it, then it probably DOES exist. And fat shaming DOES exist. It was literally what she was doing in that video.

I'm actually outraged, guys. I can't breathe when I think about this video. I can't think and guys, this video didn't even personally offend me. Not the way that it did to others, and not the way it could have. I've already watched youtubers respond to this video; one of the videos, Megan Tonjes, was really sad and hard to watch because WORDS FUCKING HURT. It's like, how many times do we have to say this? How many kids have to commit suicide before we finally get into it our close minded brains that our words affect lives?

And it's easy to say after the fact: "Well I didn't intend for kids to see this video." But first, kids are primarily the ones on youtube. And second, are you trying to tell me that your words will only negatively affect kids? Because adults get depressed and adults commit suicide, too.

I'm trying to understand how this woman could stand in front of a camera for six minutes and spew such hatred, evil words about other human beings. I'm trying to understand what gave her the nerve, the audacity to cover it in humor and satire when the malicious intent is SO PAINFULLY OBVIOUS.

And then she wants to say how, "I'm over here putting my ass on the line."


Like you want to claim how you're so ballsy for whatever it is you're claiming you did here (on one hand you say its comedy and satire but you also say that you're changing the world??) but then you want to step back and just say nobody's getting the joke and that you have the freedom to speak.

You do have the freedom to speak, but that doesn't mean you should.

"YouTuber skagg 3 posted a video on Sunday backing the comedian. He makes this point in the video: 'We can’t joke about obesity, but presumably we can joke about AIDS, cancer, drug addiction, alcoholism — the list of things we joke about daily is endless.'" [buzzfeed]

If she made a video about AIDS in the same pretense,

It. Would. Be. Offensive.

If she made a video about cancer in the same pretense,

It. Would. Be. Offensive.

If she made a video about drug addiction in the same pretense,

It. Would. Be. Offensive.

If she made a video about alcoholism in the same pretense,

It. Would. Be. Offensive.

Because her words were offensive, not funny. A funny video makes people laugh. A funny video is a JOKE. She wasn't joking. She was speaking her mind. And guess what, that's totally fine. Speak your mind. BUT DON'T TRY TO HIDE IT UNDER "SATIRE".

And finally, if you want to be the "ride or die" kind of friend who "tells it like it is" and is "trying to help" than go get a fucking education. Inform yourself before you get on a pedestal and try to preach about health.

Better yet, if you actually care about someone's health consider the more important one: mental health. Because your words were not meant to build people up, to pick them up and help them. You want to talk about how you're being treated but you were the one who came out a whole population of men, woman, children, teenagers, EVERYONE. With the pretense of being funny, the pretense of being caring, the pretense of trying to educate and help.
September 8th, 2015 at 08:06am