Dear Diary~ 9\11 + Namjoon.

Today I wanted to write something that I find very serious, 9|11. I'm not going to make this very long, but I'll share my experience about that day.

I was 2. I don't really remember that much, the only thing I can remember is my Mom being very upset. And I think I saw a little clip on the news. It was horrible, and it makes me sad just to think about it today. A lot of innocent people lost their lifes, and a lot of family members lost love ones. It's depressing and I hate that it had to happen.

I hate how some people judge muslims. I've met some sweet muslim people before. You can't just judge someone because of their race or religion. Stop looking at them like they're criminals, just because someone decides to do something ignorant.

Fun fact about me: My dad's a muslim. I don't like my dad, not because of his religion. But because he's a screw up, and all he cares about is himself. It has nothing to do with what he is.

I have to mention your name again, girl. And I hope you don't mind if I use your real name, but, Nikita or Nikki. But I'm sure most people know her as @cleopatra. She's a sweetheart, and to me she's a saint. I've met many muslims, but she has to be one of the kindest. When I think of muslim people, I think of her, because she has impacted me in such a way, that she's now the definition of the word to me.

So if anyone wants to judge someone, judge the person who did it, don't judge the culture. Because if you do, then it shows what kind of person you're.

Serious talk done.

Happy Birthday Namjoon!!! I feel kind of bad that I have to fuse these two topics together, but in Korea it's his birthday, so I wanted to put this up for him, it's just a little something. He's a great leader, and I don't think BTS could have anyone better. He's the drive and the passion that fuels them. And he's one funny little creature too. When I first saw him, I didn't believe he was a leader. He didn't seem like one. He was so childish acting, and I couldn't believe that he could lead anything. But after looking at him for a while, I could see it. I could see how he could be the guy in charge. He's a amazing leader and I hope that everyone showers him with love. Because he deserves it.

Namjoon we love you. And I wish you a very happy birthday and many many many more. Love you boys lots! Have a happy birthday. And be safe.

11. What are some little things that make you happy?

A lot of things make me happy. Music makes me happy. Music defines my whole life, everything can be better with music. So that makes me so happy.
Animals, I love animals so much because they're so sweet, and they make me smile. I've always loved animals. They're just so damn cute. I can relate to animals, and I stand up for their rights. I love people who can make me smile. If you can make me smile, then you've won a one way ticket to my heart... NO REFUNDS.
Dancing, nature, meditating, etc.

So I can be a happy person, I promise. Just give me cuddles and love, and I'll be with you forever.

Thanks for reading this long piece of junk.

Xoxo 我 愛 你 所有!

September 11th
September 12th, 2015 at 08:38am