Are Comment Swaps Still a Thing? (Also Some Updates, if You're Into That)

Hey guys.

So I'm looking for some love on the later chapters of my co-write and my other story, which is all mine. They're fanfictions, so... keep that in mind.. (but you don't really need to know anything about the band, it's pretty self-explanatory)

I'm just a whore looking for praise and some constructive criticism. Especially on the co-write since nobody's reading it but me, my co-author, and a ghost reader...

The thing is that I'm super busy this whole week (I start working every day til friday tomorrow, and I have a psych test thursday). So I won't be able to get to the swaps until Friday and Saturday. (But they won't just be left hanging, I promise.)

Anywho, you can swap one or both and have me do one or two of your pieces if you want. Gotta let me know which ones. Here's mine:

Words You Wouldn't Say - mine. I promise that guy on the banner is just a faceclaim.
Castle of Glass - cowrite. I write the odds (Sayer) and captain mactruck writes the evens (Eurydice).

So, here's some updates if any of you care:

I finally got over my exboyfriend. And I've felt like shit. But at some point, very recently, I stopped feeling like shit. I've been cleaning and organizing my room every day for the last week (I've been really busy, so it's taking a lot of time, but also my room was so dysfunctional).

Brandon has been a good friend to me, even though he's still a little douche nozzel.

My depression has felt easier to handle now that I actually do stuff with my life instead of laying around in bed. And moving my room around really opened it up and made it feel bigger, and I think that's been having a good effect on me.

Recently my cousin's been acting like a (excuse my french) giant ass. Normally she gets over it, but for whatever reason, she was taking her anger at whatever her problem is out on me and... well look. (Look, I'm not calling my cousin an ass, cause she's not, but...)

My cousin is not the brightest bulb in the box. She is... very dependent on me for her good grades in college.

Since she was acting like this, I asked her what her problem is and she told me to shut up. And like, excuse me, I asked you what your problem was, since I haven't done a damn thing except mind my own business. She was just fine before I went to school?

So I told her, you better remember this little attitude you've got the next time you need help with your school work, because I don't help people who are rude to me for no reason.

And she threw something at me. She f-ing threw something at me.

And she's just been acting like a huge asshole this whole week. She told my seven year old nephew he wasn't allowed to talk to me or be around me.

She told a seven year old he couldn't interact with one of the adults he lives with.

First of all, he's seven. How do you expect him to carry your shitty vendetta because you can't act like a grown up?

Second of all, YOU'RE TWENTY FIVE.

Please stop.

Sigh. I mean, I don't think this is hate speech. I'm just a little frustrated with the way my cousin's acting. It really bothers me that she's dragging a seven year old into this.

(And if you're wondering WHY, ALEX, WHY, my mom speculates that it's because my cousin tried to ask her for something, and my mom said no, get a job. Which leads me to conclude that my cousin is mad that I have a job and she doesn't, as if she's somehow more entitled to a job than I am. Excuse me, I was smart and didn't blow the money that was given to me by the school. "I had debts," my ass. There are some 'debts' she owed that could've waited until she got her next check. *apathetic emoji*)
September 22nd, 2015 at 07:34am