Crap Happens

Hi! I haven’t done jack shit here in a while. I wrote a couple of oneshots this summer and I’ve lurked in the forums here and there but when I get down to it, I’ve kinda disappeared. On the off-chance that anybody’s been wondering why, shit happens, lmao.

I worked at Burger King this summer and although I got a good couple of bucks from that, man, they milked my hours as much as they could. They even accidentally scheduled me in overtime a few times without realizing it but I can’t really complain about the resulting paycheck.

So I haven’t had, like, any time to write. I didn’t have any time over the summer to draw, either. I barely worked on the webcomic I’ve been trying to start but as of right now I’m about halfway through the lineart for all the pages. I joined the Mibba Magazine’s Good Deed contest a few months ago just to write something (cough cough) and a couple of weeks ago I tried to write something disturbing and it ended up sucking. I hate forcing inspiration, but I’m trying to learn how to be fuckin’ productive for once. (And make something that’s actually good in the end lmao.)

Shit sucks, man. I gotta get a portfolio together for the animation program at my school this spring and I’m honestly not too worried about the 2D design/drawing elements, the stuff that’s just static. But I gotta have some kind of “time-based media” in there too so that means I have to animate something and that’s kinda terrifying. (I know what I’m gonna do and I have it storyboarded, it’s just a matter of doin’ it.) That’s fuckin’ sad, an animation student who doesn’t really know how to animate. On the other hand it’s pretty stupid that my school doesn’t actually do any animation classes before we get into the program. :)))

But I’m learning this semester! All of my classes are great, I’m learning stuff! I’ve never touched Maya before but I have a class about it and it’s awesome, bringing stuff to life in 3D. I’m working really hard to get good (“git gud”) at it so I can at least hold a candle to my peers.

And in my online class, we just learned how to use this text-based-game-building program called Twine and it was a blast. It’s all about choosing your own path in a story and all that good shit, kinda like a choose-your-own-adventure book, and I’d highly recommend it for writers who can’t decide how they want their story to go. You could even use it for outlining and trying to figure out how to get from point A to B. Anyways, if ya wanna read what I made, here it is.

(Fun fact: my Twine game is basically a story I’m still outlining and having trouble with, one that I keep yapping about in these journals but I haven’t actually done anything for it yet. Matter of fact, so was my Good Deeds contest entry. I hate writer’s block.)

And you know what really sucks? I probably won’t be able to do a candy bowl this year. I did it last year and it ended up being so much fun and I won’t have time this time around. I really wanted to do the blog challenge for September but shit got in the way of that, too. >_<

So yeah! Shit happens. If anyone’s been wondering where I’ve been, there’s a long-winded answer. XD
October 2nd, 2015 at 12:05am