Why Yes, I Did Just Update the Same Story Three Times in Two Days

Some may call it dedication, but I call it procrastinating my psychology essay because the prompt makes no sense to me, it needs to be at least five pages, and I have work in an hour and a half.

Remember when I was dumped? Remember? Well I got dumped again. For the same motherfucking reason.

I'm gonna throw something. Preferably at these boys and their inability to commit.

This new break-up comes at a really crappy time, too. I've been stressed all week, and last night these two guys on my friend's Facebook decided it was their life's mission to prove to me I'm not a boy, because boys have penises and women have vagina, and "that's biology, dammit!"

Bro... google's your friend.

I was in tears last night. And my boyfriend tried to talk me down from an anxiety attack I wasn't having, and then the next morning he said, "We need to break up."

This entire week has been so stressful. I have another communications speech on Monday, and a test on Wednesday, and my English essay is due the Monday after that. And that psych test I mentioned earlier? Due yesterday.

On top of that, I work at a pizza place. (During football season.) And they scheduled me for all the busiest days. Five of them. Because we have four insiders, and that includes me. I'm crying mercy and hoping they hire John as soon as humanly possible. I need a day or two to breathe.
October 3rd, 2015 at 12:11am