Here lately, well over the past year or so, I haven't been writing as frequently as I would like to. I guess it started when my old laptop screen got shattered then there was problems with my bathroom and I had to stay at a friend's house until it was fix, which took about six months. Then I didn't like writing on my computer at home or I was just uninspired to do any writing.

However, I just got a new laptop. I named her Sandy Claws because she is red, white and black. So, I'm going to be writing a lot more and hopefuly have new chapters and new stories up for you to read.

I'm going to hopefully be posting a new chapter for If I was your Vampire in the next few days or so, but only time will tell because I am also babysitting on and off for my brother and sister in law. So it may take time.

I've also decided to rewrite my story What if Death Sneaks Up on you? So it is no longer available at the moment.

That is all that is new at the moment.

I wish you peace, joy and happiness.
October 3rd, 2015 at 11:42pm