Kota's Mibbaween Candy Bowl!

Happy Mibbaween, everyone!! I haven't been active at all lately, and I need desperately to change that. So what is the best way to jump right back into things? A giveaway!
It's Halloween month, time to celebrate with a candy bowl of my very own!
You may pick two!
Understand it may take a bit to get all requests filled, as during the week I have basically no free time.
If you want a specific thing commented on, recommended, etc., then you must link it, as I log on only from a phone and having the links makes this so much easier.
Say trick or treat! It's only polite. :)
Not required, but I'd love if you could recommend this blog so others may also go trick or treating.
Unless otherwise specified, items can be chosen unlimited times.
You may choose the same item twice.
You're more than welcome to link your own candy bowl here but absolutely not required.

The Candies:
Costume Party: I will dress as you, or anything/one of your choosing, for a week this month (longer if all prizes aren't chosen) -three available (0/3 used)
Marshmallow ghost: chapter by chapter review of a story (up to five chapters)
Chocolate pumpkin: a review (detailed) on up to three one-shots.
Gummy eyeball: a review of up to three poems.
Caramel apple: two of your works (story/poem/whatever) will have a place in a recommendation blog - five available. (0/5 used)
Popcorn ball: you as a user will be recommended in a blog -five available (0/5 used)
Candy corn: photo comment
Scary sugar cookie: friend request, user recommendation, recommendation on a work of your choice.
Blind candy grab: I'll surprise you with one of the above options or maybe even something not listed!
October 4th, 2015 at 09:23pm