Granny's Halloween Bowl

People always struggle to think of cool, Halloween candies, so I decided to make it easy.

You may Pick up to Three.

TOOTHBRUSH: Chapter/Chapter Review of a Story. [20,000 Word, or 10 chapter limit.]

FLOSS: One Shot Reviews. [Up to Three]

FRUIT: Recommendation blog. [Up to Two Stories/Poems/Etc]

PENS: User Rec Blog.

GRANOLA BAR: Friend request, User and Story recommendations.

ROCK: Photo Comment.

Please link your story or piece of work. Please say Trick or Treat or something cute and halloweeny. Please do not egg me!

I'd love to check out your candy bowls, and would love for you to share my boringness around Mibba.

Tricks and Treats,
October 6th, 2015 at 03:56am