Cleo's Cauldron


I'm a little late when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon that is the yearly celebration of Halloween candy bowls, but I'm here now and that's all that matters! Now, I'm really going to try and get through with this set of giveaways, but you'll notice that I'm very much resigned from doing a lot of other things that I'm normally used to.

Note: I'm working overtime at my office job. I was currently promoted to office manager and work anywhere from ten to twelve hours for my night shift. Technically I'm working two separate jobs because I work for Karmel Shuttle and Prestige Transportation Services which is a joint business under my dad's name. I'm implying a thousand rules so read thoroughly or you won't get your treat!


▲ I don't like Halloween, but say trick or treat because I said so
▲ You only get two treats from my cauldron
▲ There are limited spaces so first come, first serve will be heavily implied
▲ Since I'm acting much like an old woman who gets pissy because children are running havoc in my neighborhood, I'd like to be enlightened by my fellow Mibbians who seem to really enjoy Halloween. Tell me what you're up to on the faithful 31st and I'll throw in a surprise treat (of my choosing)

STORY LAYOUTS || Hopefully you don't see a hooded figure adorning a scythe in your home tonight. Shaking the Grim Reaper's hand isn't much of a chivalrous feat. A lot of people have been claiming that my layouts are they're faves (and I'm like WHAT???? because I never thought much of it). So step on up! LIVE EXAMPLES || un, deux, trios, quatre
raven reyes
the alpha's angel
aubree james

FICMIX || Fairies are nice, but not when they're from the Underworld wailing because they've awarded the omen of death upon your head. I've done a collection of ficmixes and while I do have a few others to do in past giveaways, I have to limit this only to three spots. Please choose which story you'd like and I'll read the first five chaps before making something out of it, thank you! LIVE EXAMPLES || un and deux
dawn of light w/ kian
↠ saeglopur w/ make you feel love
raven reyes w/ perfect

BLOG INTERVIEW || Some say soul collecting is something a god picks up to help the recent deceased move on. Others say soul collecting is something along the lines of cursed minions of Satan's army struggling to please their master. I have done two overall blog interviews! One for losing control and starfire which was based off The Good, The Bad, The Weird. This time around, I'll base the blog interview off a 'what would you do in a horror movie?' setting. Only three available so get to it! LIVE EXAMPLES || un and deux
↠ dawn of light
↠ starfire
↠ the dalliance

STORY/POEM RECOMMENDATIONS || They're beautiful and they're seductive. But don't let your guard down against these hypnotic water spirits because they may just be craving your innards. Only five lucky souls will get past the bay of crying mermaids so make sure to nab a spot before they're all full!
decay w/ voyager
starfire w/ the midnight girl
alex moore w/ anger is a gift
petra ral w/ bad behavior

Rock on bby bro's! Have a festive month ahead! Sorry I couldn't add more to the list. I wish I could hand out comments and stuff, but I'm really not good at it. Anyway, this is Cleo's Cauldron so go ham-ish.
October 22nd, 2015 at 06:19am