Xia's NaNoWriMo Log

Technically, I already did this when I asked for info on Japan. However, I caved and checked out close to fifteen books on Japan, Tokyo, Buddhism, and mythology. Speed reading, ahoy!

Internal Decay(Mibba)
(the Mibba summary sucks. Ignore it.)

Add Me If You Dare(NaNoWriMo)

Rated: R?
Genre: Supernatural/Thriller

I'm not labeling this as "horror" because Xia can't do horror. Like, I legit lack any form of talent to delve into the horror genre. I need to take lessons from Niknik, who spent three hours on Skype with me to plan on out this damned story. I've actually outlined and plotted, things normal people should do before starting a story, but I never do. LOL

A Japanese journalist discovers she has a demon clinging to her, caused by a curse bestowed upon her family centuries ago. In order to exercise it from her, she must travel to Korea to find the "viridescent one". Along the way, she uncovers the Other World, the world of the mythological and supernatural beings that live among humans.

Still feeling like plot holes are here, but oh well. Hopefully, more will develop with my writing.

Akane Himura
Yoshi Akiyama
Mizasuki Fukui
Eli Kim
Byunghun Lee
Meizhen Li
Yoochun Park
Boa Kwon
Siwon Choi
Woosung Jung

Yes, this is deemed a "fanfiction", but I'm planning on doing so serious character development with the non-original characters as well.

Planned Work Count: 50,000. Obviously.


A character that eats ice cream with a fork. Thanks, Niknik.
An asexual character -- Done
A good character turns evil
Involve a magic mirror


I have no fucking clue yet. Still searching.
October 27th, 2015 at 05:29pm