In the Trees With Author C.R. Misty

It is late fall here. The trees are just about finished shedding their leaves. The days are getting darker and when the mornings come, a blanket of frost covers the land.

I headed out this morning for a mini escape from the norm. Into the car for a scenic drive to the ski hills just North West of Montreal, Canada to Morin-Heights, Quebec. It was cold this morning; layers of clothing were on and yes, the car seat warmers were on for our trip.

We arrived at our destination, stepping out into the fresh air, the view of the ski hill and the lodge is a promise of fun to come. We soon meet our guide, harness up and head up the mountain on the ski lift.

Today was our third time visiting but first time having a guide and the course all to ourselves, sometimes I get shy with doing things in front of an audience, so it was nice to have just my husband and guide watching and I wasn’t afraid to push myself or care what I looked like while doing it.

Today was the first time that I tried the intermediate course and it was awesome! I did it; it was hard on my muscles and mind. My heart was beating fast as I jumped onto a Tarzan rope swung to a spider web of rope suspended 20 feet up in the trees, then climbed across the web swung from cable to cable and then plank to plank onto a platform. My arms felt like jelly, I was out of breath but wow, it felt good that I did it. Sometimes you just have to get out there, step out of your comfort zone and climb to new heights.

The intermediate course eventually looped around and back to the main course, and enjoyed the amazing zip lines and obstacles down the mountain. Hope that you enjoy my post and it is back to work for me with tackling more edits to the series!

Bye for now
C.R. Misty
November 1st, 2015 at 03:37pm