Hiiii Mibba!

Honestly guys, I think I'm dying. I've never felt so... well, close to it? before xD Or maybe I've just been so lazy all my life that all the work right now feels like death. Let's see if I survive xD

Ever since I rejoined Uni in June, all I've been doing is read (or what law idiots prefer calling research), write random nonsense they think are research papers and just... read in general. Or maybe I just don't get the point XD That said, I've been overburdened with so much work (and work that only included sitting, reading and writing) that in the course of these 5 months, I've managed to gain somewhere around 7 kg (15.4 lbs) in weight. Yeah right. I should be awarded with some sort of weight gain prize xD

Alright, I'm whining. But listen to me. I don't mind. Heck. I think I've been sitting for 6 months straight, so its no surprise. Problem is... my mum happens to be a health freak. So now, when I'm home for a week holiday, she's making me exercise, like crazy. Not that I mind, I've always loved running, but I HATE dieting. I need to eat all kinds of crap dammit, weight gain or not. Now, I'm not allowed to. So I think I might start having withdrawal symptoms XDXD I swear Im not even kidding! XD

Now, I also have semester exams from 16th, and I think I don't know a thing. And I'm not studying too. Why? Enter NANO! I'm working on NaNoWriMo too! I knew I was stupid, but I think I'm finally getting suicidal too! Congrats on the promotion! xD And I keep getting new ideas every night and when I open my books, I keep thinking of different ideas. and because I'm not eating junk, I feel angry all the time.

Conclusion: I AM dying.

But I've thought of something. Maybe with all the effort I'm putting in, I'll actually write a novel on weight loss. For NaNo maybe. Or I'll just start a gym. Heck, I'm gonna teach the world how to get abs.

Yeah right. I think its the junk withdrawal talking again. Before I drive anyone mad, thank you for reading, if you even managed to read till here. XD

See ya! Love you guys. (:
November 10th, 2015 at 03:50am