New Music Friday & Comments

I'm so glad it's Friday, guys.

My week has been super long and I've been sick and a got a shitty mark on a test and bleh. I'm glad it's the weekend and I can work on my paper and do my research and make flashcards for my finals that I have in a couple weeks and practice for my lab final I have. God.

Also there's this guy I work with who is like, the flirtiest person ever. It was kinda cute the first couple times I saw him, but now he just tries way too hard when he talks me and the other girls we work with. Like earlier today he was being weird and flirty and was like "yeah, I have callouses on my hands because I work out so much" and "yeah, gonna go out for some drinks later but the real partying starts tomorrow".

I just. I hate people that try THAT hard to make people think they're cool, you know? Anyways.

I was listening The Pulse earlier and they had Pat Monahan's show going on and so I was finding a bunch of new music. So I figured I'd share it because I was super excited about it.

Worlds on Fire - Zerbin

This band is (apparently) originally from a city really close to my hometown which is super cool. I've been jamming to it all night.

Share the World - SPZRKT

This song is super groovy, I've been listening to it a ton when I study because it makes the fact that I want to drown in a pool of my tears a little more bearable lmao

Red Eye - Vancy Joy

Okay, so this isn't a new song, BUT I'VE BEEN OBSESSED WITH IT. I love Vance Joy and I've been loving on this song so much over the last little while.

Pressure - Milk & Bone

I love how weird this song sounds. Just listen to it, it's super chill and I kind of adore it.

NOW THAT WE'RE DONE WITH THAT. I need to find better ways to transition

I'm going to attempt to knock out a bunch of story comments tonight. Which I know I always say, but I'm actually in the mood to comment on stories right now and I owe people 34 story comments and that's just insane. So I'm copying my list over so I know what I need to do and hopefully be able to finish up a bunch of these. I'm gonna start from the top of the list and work my way down. I might skip over some chaptered stuff for now though. We'll see.

Also, if I owe you a ficmix, I'm working on them over the weekend. I have Alex's just about done, I just need to actually make the playlist on 8tracks and then blog it, and the Sam's is up next. SO I PROMISE THEY'LL GET DONE SOON.

Story Comments
- Dear You by swell
- How by raven reyes
- Tyson's Silly Grin by dawn of light
- Zamboanga by gotta be you
- The Bitter End by starfire
- Ghoul by XXXataktoulaXXX
- Night by XXXataktoulaXXX
- Katia Behan by dawn of light
- Ngipin by gotta be you
- Rooftop Musings by swell
- Henna by XXXataktoulaXXX
- Another Way Out by BringMeTheFuentes
- Waste by leopold fitz
- Joker by XXXataktoulaXXX
- Ave Maria by gotta be you
- So Darkness I Became by starfire
- The Fuckers by swell
- Inevitable by swell
- Half Past Four by gotta be you
- Terminus by gotta be you
- Querida by gotta be you
- Rampa by gotta be you
- Aria: The Dark Flower by XXXataktoulaXXX
- Confessions of a Young Murderer by XXXataktoulaXXX
- Voyager by leopold fitz
- Heaven/Hell by leopold fitz
- Unlovable kim wonshik.
- Don't Fear the Reaper by TheGoodMadame
- Outside of Heaven by Divided
- Truth Be Told by The Alpha's Angel
- Anger is a Gift (first chapter) by Alex Moore and Goddess of Floyd
- Moonlight by cleopatra.
- These Bright Lights by Michael Westen (side note: I've been spelling Blake's username wrong all this time. Apparently it's -en and not -on)
- Underestimate Me by Alex Moore and Lady Nikki Nightmare
November 21st, 2015 at 06:56am