Fuzzy Feelings

So I broke up with my fiancé about 6 weeks/2 months ago, as he was emotionally detached and I wasn't happy in the relationship and all such things. He's still telling everyone that we're together and acting as if we are, i.e. constantly texting/calling me, hugging and trying to kiss and cuddle, calling me pet names and everything. I've made it very clear we aren't together and won't be anymore, have said that I don't want to be together and want some time alone, and he literally says "i know you want this, but I don't want it so we'll just have to work it out." So yeah. And on top of that there's a guy I work with who I've been friends with for several months, who makes my heart do weird things and I turn to a stupid derp whenever we hang out. e hung out at a friend's house last night, a group of us playing board games, and the two of us ended up having to stay the night because the weather got too bad to drive home. I was being my usual derpy self, and he's all aloof and chill as hell, so we're laying here on an air mattress piled up with blankets, and he just wiggles under the blankets and motions for me to move over to him. I do, and he proceeds to cuddle me perfectly and we spent hours talking and watching rick & morty episodes. We both have terrible insomnia, but somehow, laying there cuddling, we both ended up falling asleep and I haven't slept that well or been that happy in a long time. My heart was beating so hard I thought he was going to ask me if I was having a heart attack, but I guess I was okay because he just held me a little closer and I woke up smelling like his cologne. after we got up we ended up just talking for a bit before we both left, and he pulled me into this amazing hug and I swear to god...even with my ex, in a relationship for almost three years, I never felt that safe or warm being held by someone else. Is that normal? feeling so warm and fluffy with someone?
December 1st, 2015 at 04:18am