EmzyStilinski Has Lost It

Hey guys! I am really excited for the next little bit!


I am coming out with not one, not two but three new stories! One original ficton! One Mayday Parade/All Time Low crossover story! One One Direction story based off of one of my one shots!

Wait! There's More....

I will be updating my co-write with Lina called Walk My Way (A 5SOS story), I will be finally updating Lover of the Light, and I will be picking We Were Us back up!
Updating We Were Is is for Lina because I started it and never finished but I love her so...

The stories in this blog:
A Daydream Away
Lover of the Light
I Need A Hero
We Were Us
Walk My Way

I also have a Christmas Giveaway blog HERE that I would love for you to let me gift you!!!!

Love you all!
December 8th, 2015 at 08:20pm