Scavenger Hunt!

Want something to do? You have came to the right place! Here is a Mibba Scavenger Hunt that I have decided to have!!!!

-You must message me the found items. (So, no one steals your answers)
-All items must be linked.

Now to the list:
1. A mibbian that is an admin.
2. A mibbian who has song lyrics in their signature.
3. A tutorial about food.
4. A mibbian with a number in their username
5. A forum topic that has rules in it.
6. A graphic shop.
7. An editing hub.
8. A story about love.
9. A story rated PG13
10. A fanfiction featuring Mayday Parade
11. A blog about college
12. A Mibba Magazine Contest
13. A song contest.
14. The Mibba profile of Irish Prince Nialler
15.A roleplay
16. A magazine article
18. A story about fairies
19. A mibbian with a song as their username
20. You introducing yourself to a new mibbian
21. A magazine review about a show.
22. One of your pieces of work.

I know it sends you everywhere and it is a bunch of nonsense but why not?

Also, I did a Youtube Scavenger Hunt a while back and I didn't stay with it as I should have but let me know if you would like me to bring it back.

I will announce the winners in a blog after the deadline and the winners will get a couple of prizes!

Deadline is December 18th.

Have fun!
December 11th, 2015 at 02:44am