Hello Again Mibba

Hello Mibba, I know its been a while and sadly I must say I did not keep my promise to you.

I originally said my stories that I was also posting on Wattpad would be updated here first. However; due to the fact that Mibba worked so slow and horribly on my phone, I took a hiatus from Mibba, but continued to post on Wattpad because the app worked beautifully on my phone. However; now that I have a tablet, Mibba is working far better now so I should be posting here again as well very soon.

Remember the Soulbinder I'm posting here is the more adult version so if you don't like or don't think you can handle adult situations, but would still like to read Soulbinder, please read the Wattpad version instead. For the most part the stories are the same, but some things will be different, now I'm not saying the one here will be a smutfest but it will have not adult situations and or language in it than the Wattpad version.
December 14th, 2015 at 02:34pm