The Rant of Emzy!

I have some ranting to do that I posted in a thread earlier but I just need to let go of my white hot rage!!!

I was told that because I drink 2 nights a week when I go out with friends that I am a bad person and a drunk.... I am in college!!! I am having fun. Im not reckless. I don't drink and drive. I don't drink a night before work. I always come home. Of I am too drunk to drive I still call my dad to come get me. I have never hurt anyone or done anything illegal while drinking. I can live without alcohol. I don't have to drink it. I usually don't even get completely drunk. I have a couple of shots, maybe a beer or two. Sometimes I'm the DD and don't touch a goddamn thing. How can I be a drunk if sometimes I am the DD?!?!?! I repeat I am allowed to have fun in college. I never drink of I have an early class. I have never skipped a class because of a hangover. I have never done anything to harm myself or my future! That comment posses me off. I mind you it was from my fucking Moms dad (doesn't deserve any other thing.) Gaylon has also called my dad a drunk and a dead beat. My dad loves me and takes care of me and takes me places. Not to mention I am sitting right beside him watching a movie. Gaylon hasn't been a father to my mom since she was 12 used to be a big drinker and is the biggest fucking hypocrite on this planet. So fuck you! I don't need your toxic self in my life and I can rise to greatness without your ass.

I fucking hate him and I am supposed to see him next week and I told my mom that I am not going and she doesn't even blame me so I hope he's happy that none of his grandkids like him. I obviously hate him. My brother doesn't like him, realizing he is an ass, my other siblings don't even know him that week. He literally isnt in there loves at all and not my moms fault either. He didn't even see my baby sister in the hospital when she was like 2 when she had third degree burns. My uncles kids don't even have anything to do 28th him because he doesn't even try and they love in the same fucking town!!!! He literally contacted my Aunt yesterday after three months. He also wants to act like a great father and say all of these things he did 38th my uncle when he was little and stuff when he for older before he died and he wants to put my uncle on a pedastool. My uncle loved beer(not a drunk though) he cussed, he was a hot head and he didn't even like him because he was a dick to him my mother and my grandmother which they divorced when my mother was ten and then died when my mom was 17. He also has a better relationship with his step kids and one of them is a druggie. His wife is the biggest anal bitch I have ever known and I would like nothing more than to call off the face of the earth.


Sorry guys.
December 17th, 2015 at 02:58am