Wow, how things change.

I am on holidays and will be untill Sunday, I am now in an internet cafe. I can't believe how much everything here has changed.

What the hell is Mibba Chat? When I went away journals were 'deleted' and now we have a whole new section. Plus I am a stroy editor now. Everything is changing and it is tripping me out.

Oh yeah my holiday...

So today I went shopping and they are trying to turn me into a girl, I don't think it is going to work though. I bought a fake lip ring because I am going to freak my mum out because I told her I am going to get one and she said I had better not as she will disown me. So I said I will wait till I am 18, wait tillshe sees this though she will think it is real.

I also got a Nirvana bag for $5, how cool and cheap is that. And I got this rad black rose ring, BIG preppy sunnies (don't ask!) and an air brush tattoo. We all got the tatoo's but mine is the coolest, it is a scorpian on my neck like Frank *is awesoem fan girl*

I am going to get a real tattoo and lip ring as soon as I turn 18, but not a Frank tattoo I would have to get one that means something.

But yeah my holiday has been pretty cool, except for being named 'The Demon Child' you see apartently I sacrafice goats and chickens and drink their blood. I love how mature teenagers are, I really do.

Have I missed any other changes either music or Mibba wise?
October 11th, 2007 at 11:27am