Hey guys! I missed you while I was visiting family. Anyway, how was everyone's holidays? Did anyone on the planet have a white Christmas? I was wearing shorts and on the 20th I was wearing a coat.... Bipolar weather I swear. So, on to my blog about my life and I doubt anyone reads these anymore because I'm crazy and probably annoying by now.

Anyway, my Christmas didn't really feel like Christmas. I mean I got presents and stuff and all but I was kind of just bleh... Am I turning into Scrooge???? I mean I was bummed about leaving my friends when I visited because I feel in college, I don't really have many anymor. They kind of disappeared. I am also really sick and today I was supposed to go to work but I can't even walk to my kitchen without almost dying so work was out of the question. I also need to finish my Secret Santa gift. I had so much go on that I still need to get it in. I also have a fee gifts on my giveaway blog that have sat there since December 1st and I feel terrible. I'll have those done by New Years.... ::facepalm:

Sometimes I fell like I give you guys 100% me and then sometimes I feel I give you -3% me. I don't know what's wrong. I also don't wanna write too much because when I'm all depressed I wrote depressing things and kill of characters. Why do you think no one wants to read Lover of the Light anymore? I don't even want to write it because I killed off her sister and I moved to fast in the beginning to do so.... Sigh....

Am I losing it?

December 27th, 2015 at 08:00pm