Insecurity, Rewrites, Rants, and Thank You

Hey guys! If you know me, I am very criticizing of my work. What writer isn't? So, having anything out on this site is basically all my fanfiction fun work (still critical about) and all my originals stay locked away. Well, I am still very pressured about my writing. Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn't write at all.

So, the Leave A Comment, Take A Comment idea came about and I bravely put my one story that others loved out there and then I realized how terrible it was. I rushed the whole plot. I killed people who didn't need to be killed off. I always say that my writing is all of my emotions in one swoop. When I wrote that story I was an emotional mess and you could tell. It's sad that it took some constructive critism for me to see that. At first, I was upset and then I realized that I really just need to rewrite it. I have a great idea but things just went shitty.

This blog is basically for you Mibba family because you guys make me grow. The ones who correct me and edit my mistakes are the ones who have helped me grow as a writer. My first story (not on here anymore) was a total disaster. It literally was a wall of mistakes topped with shorthand and each chapter waswas about 300 hundred words. It had an okay idea but it was shitty. I apologize for writing shitty Avenged fanfiction back in the day. Sometimes I wish I still wrote my slash like I used to. I feel some of my stuff was better than my current stuff sometimes because I had a better support system I guess.

The people that are around today that help me with my writing though are very special to me though. So, a special thanks to Richy who is my consultant on ideas, Lina who has served as my editor on many occasions, Natalia who has been doing my most recent layouts, Katie who cowrote my first ever finished story on Mibba, and Nina who is my motivation even though she likes to disappear.

All of this needed to be ranted about and I love you guys. (The Alpha's Angel will probably be the only one to read this because she apparently likes my ranting and complaining)

January 3rd, 2016 at 06:32am