Let's Get Something Straight

Depression isn't funny.
Anxiety isn't funny.
Suicide isn't funny.
Other mental disorders aren't funny.
Anorexia isn't funny.
Bulimia isn't funny.
Other eating disorders aren't funny.
Mental retardation isn't funny.
Calling people who aren't retarded a retard doesn't make you "cool." It makes you a jerk. Those people that are mentally retarded can't control that. It isn't their fault. However, it is your fault for using the word incorrectly. I find it highly offensive because I have two friends that are. I've been called retarded. It isn't a joke.
Don't make anything like this a joke. I don't care if you've been diagnosed with it and you're trying to make the best of it. It doesn't help others struggling. I'm sick and tired of hearing this crap. Stop it.
January 3rd, 2016 at 07:56pm