A Message to Everyone

Hey guys. I am writing this because I had something full me with rage. That thing is when people try to depict apart people's gender identification and flat out rude.

I'm friends with Chris Crocker. One of the rooms I help run on Tiny Chat brought is to be friends. Anyway, he posted a video of him and his friend Dia kissing last night just having fun and goofing off. Things got pretty out of hand and people need to uderstand that these people are human brings. Sure, they are different but stop being a close-minded dick.

Please watch THIS video and let Chris walk you through it all.

Everyone needs to understand. Everyone needs to calm down because someone is different. There are quite a few transgenders on Mibba and a few gender queer people. Not to mention all of the bisexuals, gays, pansexuals, lesibians ect. Love everyone and don't year anyone down.

January 3rd, 2016 at 11:50pm