Making a Comeback

Is that even an appropriate title?

It'll have to do for now.

The last blog post I posted on this site would be exactly 2 years ago and some change. Which is weird because I was just a freshman in college and now I’m a junior. Anyhow, I uploaded a story on here called “Little Bird” which I was really proud of during the time that I posted it and it wasn’t until the my winter finals that I started to look at the story differently. Over that winter break I tried to write more chapters and came up with different ideas that I realized nothing really fit.

I was literally at a standstill and I just didn’t have it in me to continue writing it because the idea didn’t appeal. The main character just wasn’t what I imagined and what I really wanted to convey. She really didn’t have anything to work on.

So I did some soul searching, made some bad decisions; romantically and socially of course. Nothing with the law. I did some good old fashion writing, with a pen a paper I might add which was really exciting. During my time of soul searching I’ve come up with new ideas that could be short stories, an original fiction and some poems.

But there was one idea that has to be by far my best during all this soul searching and finding myself that has been on my mind for a while. Now, I’m not saying this fanfiction idea hasn’t been thought of and posted but I never read one that was just like wow that was an awesome read. I’m not saying the ones that I read were bad because they were really good but they just didn’t really tug at me. It was sort of like a reading one night stand. I read them but I didn’t find myself wanting to read them again in the future.

The idea is a cross-over of my two favorite shows, Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf. In the past I always tweeted about both shows doing a cross-over so I’m just going to make my own dreams come true and just make a fan-fic about it. Don’t worry I have my own OC that I’m incorporating into the plotlines; I’m just working out the kinks so this isn’t an epic fail like my last story was. (It wasn’t really an epic fail, people actually read my story and liked it but in my eyes it wasn’t what I envisioned)

All in all my main goal of 2016 is to get this story up and start posting on a regular basis. The posting and stuff won’t start until February because I want everything to be secure and I start classes again in mid-January so I’ll need time to adjust and get a routine going.
January 5th, 2016 at 03:41am